Soft Soul


$ 13.00 $ 45.00

Deep charcoal cork fabric sewn to a premium black water washed denim backing. All slippers are made from Portuguese imported cork, vegetable dyed, and lined with premium earth-friendly fleece with a soft eco-lux fabric backing to ensure no blisters or rubbing occur during wear. Real touch pro quality cork fabric is fused to a soft fabric backing. Treated with UV and abrasion protectant and scotch guard. It can be wiped clean with a baby wipe or soft cloth and water! It has similar durability and feel to animal leather but is vegan friendly. PETA-certified vegan. As a bonus, cork has natural anti-mildew/anti-bacterial qualities. Vegetable based dyes and fair labour laws are used in making this cork.The bark of the cork oak tree is peeled, without harming the tree, every 9 years. This means it can be re-harvested again and again!

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