Based in the Hamptons, ETHEL + ROW is a boutique that offers parents and kids a curated, modern selection of children's organic and natural apparel by international, independent designers. The collections embrace a combination of contemporary and classic, minimal and unisex styles that are reminiscent of trends we see in current adult fashion. Each piece is made using high quality, natural materials including organic and premium cottons, linen and bamboo.

ETHEL + ROW owner, Vanessa Hamer’s vision is derived from a knowledge of luxury fashion, as well as a recognized void in The Hampton’s children’s market. Vanessa, a mother herself, was challenged when it came to providing looks beyond the market standard. She set out to find designs that provide children an expressive and fun aesthetic. Like Vanessa, a majority of the designers showcased at ETHEL + ROW are parents who were in search of kids apparel unique to the current trends.



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